Self-care Sunday: I forgot I had a blog

I accidentally took a break from blogging. With health stuff and going back to uni I got somewhat distracted and forgot I even had a blog. But I remembered today and here I am. Self-care has been interesting lately. I'm still enjoying my morning coffee ritual whenever I can. I was pretty excited about this latte art I got a few weeks back. It looks like a turkey!

Photo of a latte featuring latte art that resembles a turkey.

I've also been treating myself to baked goods occasionally. Rodney's Bakery in West End is my favourite place at the moment. $2 lamingtons! Plus I like support local small businesses and they also do a killer vegetarian pie.

Photo of a lamington inside a white paper bag.

Speaking of food and eating, I'm finally reading Health at Every Size and it is amazing! I thoroughly recommend it to every single person ever. I don't want to get all gushy about it or anything, but thanks to this book I'm slowly learning to recognise when I'm hungry - and that is a huge deal for me. 

Photo of the book Health at Every Size in my lap.

In other exciting news, I started getting hives. Every single day for the last month or so, in fact. So now I'm keeping a "hive journal" to take with me to the doctor. The chemist gave me a cortisone cream for it, but it doesn't seem to do much. Going to try aloe tomorrow since we have some growing in a pot on our front porch. Wish me luck!

Photo of my legs, covered in hives, and a notebook "hive journal" on my lap.

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