I'm a small business owner now

Five origami gift boxes containing my salvaged leather earrings.

Well, after years of hemming and hawing, I've finally taken the plunge and started selling my wares. I'd been thinking about it for ages and then a friend who owns a gallery mentioned that I should sell my work and I thought about it some more. Then Reverse Garbage put a call out for artists and crafters for their latest exhibition I Heart Handmade and I finally stopped thinking about it and just did it. So, my salvaged leather earrings will be for sale at Reverse Emporium from next weekend and I've just listed some more on Etsy.

Salvaged leather eucalyptus leaf earrings on a yellow card.

I'm pretty excited about it. Especially since it's looking probable that I'll need multiple surgeries on my jaw, so I might need to apply for more leave from uni (I withdrew halfway through last semester because of it). It's been really good to have something I enjoy to focus on. I've also been coming up with a few brooch designs in the past few days and I'll probably end up making them in felt as well as leather. And I was making beaded macrame necklaces a few months ago, so I'll make some more of those too.

Invitation to 'I Heart Handmade' exhibition at Reverse Garbage.

You can visit AmieMakes on Etsy and like it on Facebook. And if you want to buy something that'd be pretty awesome too.

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