Canberra for Christmas

Matt and I visited my family in Canberra for two weeks over the Christmas holidays. It was great! Except that Matt caught a virus on the way down and was sick for most of the time we were there. And now I've had said virus since we got back on new years eve. Not the ideal way to start the new year, but whatever.

Photo triptych of Louie eating a giant slice of pizza.
It was awesome to hang out with Louie, my 8 year old brother, again. He cracks me up. On boxing day Matt and I took him shopping and we had lunch at That Pizza Place. The pizza was awesome! Huuuuuge slices for under $5 and absolutely delicious. I'm definitely going back there next time I'm in Canberra. And Louie ended up buying himself the Boys' Book of Survival and a Green Day badge.

Photo triptych of Matt and Louie playing guitars together.
Matt and Louie had a great time playing guitar together and talking about their favourite bands. We listened to Metallica in the car while we drove around to touristy places on one day. We checked out Parliament House, Old Parliament House, the National Film and Sound Archives and the National Library. Matt and I also took a look at the National Bonsai Gardens, but I might save that for a post of its own because I took a lot of photos.

Photo of Matt and Louie with a statue of Queen Elizabeth.
Speaking of other posts, I'll be writing about my 2012 goals and things soon too (provided I don't melt in the meantime - it's bloody hot in Brisbane at the moment!).

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