we miss you magic land!

On Wednesday my friend Dan and I went to GoMA to check out Pip & Pop's we miss you magic land! and it was so awesome. If 7-year-old-Amie had been there she probably would have wet herself with excitement. Luckily, 27-year-old-Amie was able to control herself.

Photo of brightly coloured mounds and glittering fantastical flora and fauna.
Everything was so intensely bright and glittery and beautiful. I wanted to live there. Dan wanted to eat it. The coloured sand patterns in the landscape were amazing and reminded me of the sand art kits I had as a kid.

Photo of brightly coloured orange and pink sand and glitter landscape. 
There were (glittery!) cushions arranged on the floor underneath hanging 'rock' gardens so you could lay and gaze up at them. And a bank of computers with a 'design your own magic land' game. I had a lot of fun with that.

Photo of brightly coloured pink/orange hanging 'rock' with flora hanging beneath it.
Everything was just so intricate and perfect. I think I'm going to go back again before the exhibition finishes up. I was disappointed that I didn't have any money to buy merchandise from the gift shop too. The badge set is so cute! I really wanted the tshirt too, but it only comes in kids sizing anyway.

Photo of a glittering pond surrounded by flora and glittering mounds.
I loved glittery magic awesomeness when I was a kid and in the last few months I've found myself rediscovering that love in a big way. I've amassed a small collection of glitter nail polish and my favourite cheap pharmacy brand recently released some lovely bright colours too. The other day I even made an Etsy treasury of shiny glittery things.

4x4 grid of photos for the Etsy treasury 'Ode to Shiny, Glittery Things'.
And I've been collecting glittery inspiration from fellow bloggers too. Such as this glitter star crown made by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky, Lisa's sequin shoulder jumper at The Crafty-Arty Kid and these awesome glitter jars shared by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. I can't wait to get crafty with some glitter and sequins. I might even make a Pip & Pop inspired floral arrangement to go in the glitter jars.


  1. woah, this just got un-real. i am afraid and amaze.

  2. I am so jealous that you got to see this! Visually delicious!