So, Scarborough is lovely

This morning Matt and I went to Redcliffe to visit relatives and afterwards decided to find some lunch in Scarborough. I'd never been there before and, oh my, it is lovely! We had lunch at Bay Boats because it was a lot quieter than the fancy looking place down by the water. It was a good decision. A quaint 1970s milk bar vibe and great, reasonably priced grub. I had the egg and salad burger, Matt had the seafood platter and we shared some pumpkin scallops (which came with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream and were amazing). Afterwards we went for a walk along the water and I collected a few shells and got sand all through the pockets of my new skirt. We were both really surprised by how quiet it was considering it was Easter Sunday. I expected screaming children, but the few that were there were perfectly pleasant. I just wish I'd taken more photos.

Photo of flowery plants growing over a wall on the main drag in Scarborough.

Photo of the beach at Scarborough with fluffy white clouds in the blue sky above.

Photo of the sand littered with shells and a bright blue jellyfish that had washed up.

Photo of the boats at the marina in Scarborough Boat Harbour with fluffy white clouds in the blue sky above.


  1. I'm moving to Sandgate in the next few weeks and I cannot wait to live by the bay. I can't wait to be able to ride my bike along the waterfront, explore the low tide flats, sip coffee along the esplanade and generally just have a fabulous seaside life.

    1. That sounds so wonderful! I really regret not taking advantage of wonderful things like that when I lived near the beach on the Sunshine Coast. I think I spent more time at the nearby McDonalds than I did at the beach - how sad! I really need to learn not take things for granted. I may have to go for a walk along the river today if the rain lets up.