Self-care Sunday: 02.12.2012: A little late

This week I had some MRIs and x-rays to check up on my spine and also to see what the hell is going on with my jaw. I hate getting stuff like that done, so self-care was super important. I did get to wear this totally bitchin' hospital gown for one of the MRIs though.

Photo of the hospital gown I was given to wear during my MRI. It is light blue with a colourful abstract line drawing design on it.

Mostly my self-care involved keeping myself occupied with cleaning, craft and reading. It's been quite hot in Brisbane this week so I took a trip to the (air conditioned!) library and borrowed a couple of craft-related books. I also indulged in a celebratory gin and orange juice (well, three) on Saturday night to congratulate myself on getting through all the diagnostic stuff.

Close up photo of my glass of gin and orange juice. My stripy rug can be seen blurred in the background.

I don't really drink very often, but I so enjoy the taste of gin and it was particularly satisfying on Saturday night. I spent the night watching television, embroidering felt Christmas ornaments and chatting with a friend on Facebook. It was most enjoyable!

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