New computer, new workspace

I bought a new computer! And I've moved my desk from the study to the living room. Matt and I were having trouble sharing space in the study because it's such a small and awkward room. For most of last semester I was working from the couch and dining table anyway, so I just decided to give Matt the extra space and move my desk out here. I really like being near the window and it's a lot breezier here than in the study. Now I just need to find a cheap set of shelves or something to put next to my desk and it'll be perfect.

Photo of my small desk underneath a window in the living room. My new laptop is on it and a painting of an ocean scene hangs above.

The painting above my desk is one my Nanna did years ago while she was learning folk painting. I salvaged it from a garbage pile when Nanna and Pa moved to Adelaide. I've always loved it, but ever since Nanna passed away it's been especially precious. I like having it above my desk for when I start to freak out over assignments.

Speaking of assignments, I just read my grades for the last one I submitted. I was really anxious about it, but I've managed to get a Distinction and the tutor's comments are really encouraging. Huge sigh of relief!

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