2013: a year of self-care

I've been thinking a lot about personal goals recently. Perhaps it's just the new year or that other people are talking about them too, but they're on my mind. I like having goals. I like making lists and ticking items off as I do them. I think writing them gives me a sense of control and ticking items off helps me feel like I'm achieving something. And it just makes things seem more manageable when I break them down into lists. With that in mind, here is my list of self-care goals for 2013.

Photo of a pad of 'to do list' sticky notes and a mechanical pencil sitting on top of my laptop keyboard.

- Exercise more so I can feel stronger. I'd like to build my core and upper body strength which have both become quite weak. Working on my core will also help with managing my spondylitis.

- Stop putting off making medical appointments. Starting tomorrow by making the appointment for the CT of my jaw that was recommended before Christmas.

- Be more organised so I don't forget about things and then panic when they sneak up on me. Especially with regards to uni. I bought a pretty neat student diary from Officeworks that should help me with that.

- Keep a journal. Matt's mum gave me a beautiful hand-bound journal made from a vintage book for Christmas. I want to use it to document my thoughts on self-care as well as a more arty journal (with a self-care sort of theme). I've always had a sort of fear when it comes to writing in nice journals and books. I need to get over that.

- Continue to have fun with nail polish as self-care. Both Louie and Erin (best siblings!) gave me nail polish for Christmas. I may need a bigger box for my collection soon.

- Do a wardrobe clean-out and get rid of any clothes that don't make me feel good. Make a list of items I want/need and either make or buy them (preferably second-hand). Also, stop just wearing thongs (flip-flops) all the time and wear more supportive shoes instead.

- Remember that it's perfectly acceptable to say no to things. It's also perfectly acceptable to not answer my phone when I don't feel like talking. 

I'm also going to make Self-care Sunday a monthly thing from now on because I want to blog about other things too, but I don't think I have the energy for posting more than once a week at the moment. I'm really looking forward to writing about other things!


  1. You got the list gene!

    Aside: I have that same PostIt pad and pencil (except my pencil is lime green) sitting on my desk at work.

  2. I love your list of goals! Mine looks very similar!