Self-care Sunday: 30.12.12: Some musings on self-care

Yesterday our friend Nic came to visit after having been overseas for three months. It was awesome to see him again and I love the conversations we have. We ended up on the topic of self-care and Matt mentioned the idea of a self-care triple bottom line. Nic suggested it might best comprise of mind, body and spirit. I'm not sure about how the 'spirit' part fits for me, but the concept of a self-care triple bottom line really resonates with me and it's been in my mind ever since.

I want to think more about self-care in 2013 and be more active about it too. Matt's mum gave me a beautiful hand bound journal for Christmas that I'm planning on using as a self-care journal. I want to write/draw/whatever in it every day (if I can - I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't feel up to it). I'm not really one for new years resolutions, but I feel very much like I'm at a turning point at the moment. Making changes and setting goals for myself right now feels kind of organic.

I feel like I'm still fleshing a lot of my ideas out at the moment, so here are some wonderful self-care related things on the internet:
Sad Teen Queer's self-care comic is just lovely.
Tonight I stumbled across Cosmoqueer zine and issue 4 is all about self-care.
I will forever love Stephen Fry's response to a letter from a girl struggling with depression.
I thoroughly recommend Maranda Elizabeth's writings on self-care.
 Treat yo' self! [video]

I save a lot of self-care related links to my mind + body Pinterest board and regularly peruse it. Is there anything that you specifically do for self-care? Are there any awesome self-care resources you've found? I'd love to hear from people.

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