Self-care Sunday: 28.10.2012

Inspired by Iris of Bossy Femme and encouraged by Pip's Blog School on justb, I've decided to start a series of weekly posts dedicated to good stuff and self-care. Partly to remind myself that there's nothing selfish or indulgent about looking after myself and partly because I think it's really important to share that message with others. I'll be sharing things that make me smile, things that remind me to relax and things that make me feel like maybe everything will be ok.

This last few weeks have been tough on me. My TMJ disorder started giving me regular headaches again and I've been caught up in the final weeks of semester at uni. So, these are the things that have been getting me by this week.

Photo of Nick, a fat ginger cat, sprawled on a stripy rug and meowing
Our neighbour Nick came to visit. He never shuts up and I love him.

I've started using the Sleep Cycle app on my iPhone. I love the way it wakes me up gently in the mornings and it lets me track how different things affect how well I sleep. I haven't woken up feeling groggy and tired at all since I've started using it. I also set myself a regular bedtime and I have an alarm that tells me to go to bed so I don't lose track of time. I'm hoping that after a few weeks I won't have as much trouble falling asleep as I have done in the past.

Photo of my study notebook and an iced coffee on a table at a local café.
Taking my study to our local café and drinking iced coffee.

I was lucky enough to score a free neck and shoulder massage right before an exam at uni on Wednesday. That worked out really well because I'm pretty sure it helped with my TMJ and I haven't had a headache since.


  1. hello fellow blog-school-er! sounds like a fantastic idea for a regular post. for some reason i'm amused by your cat-neighbour being called "nick". not as obviously ironic as my friends dog "geoffrey", but no "ginger" or "tabsie" or "socks" either...!

    1. We have a close friend with the same name too, so we're forever confusing each other and asking "the cat or the human?" when we talk about either of them haha.