Self-care Sunday: 04.11.2012

Right now I'm in the midst of completing my final assignment for this semester of uni. Constantly reminding myself that it's ok to take a break and resting isn't the same as procrastinating has been really important for me this week. I'm a chronic procrastinator and it's gotten me into some tight spots on more than one occasion so I've really working hard to change that. You may notice I've changed the layout of the blog slightly this week. That was very much treading the line between taking a break from study and procrastination haha.

In changing the layout I've tried to improve accessability. There's definitely more I'd like to do, but that will have to wait until my assignment is out of the way. I've downloaded Glenda Watson Hyatt's excellent (and free!) eBook which is easily the best blog accessibility resource I've found so far. I definitely recommend taking a look at her website. I've also been making sure to get out of the house every day even if it's just a walk around the block. I find that being outside and moving around improves my mood and it sure beats being hunched over my computer all day (apologies to my physiotherapist - I swear I don't hunch all the time and I'm sitting up straight right now!).

Photo of a piccolo coffee and my hand showing off my light bronze nail polish.
I've also been painting my nails and making regular trips to our local coffee shop.
I got some awesome Essence Colour & Go nail polish half price from Priceline. It's usually really cheap anyway, so half price was a freakin' steal. I'm really impressed with the quality too. It's quick dry, but not gluggy like some of the other cheap quick dry nail polishes I've tried. The above photo is the morning after I applied two coats and it lasted another three days before some minor chipping (which is pretty excellent given how I generally bash my hands about). Thanks to Patchwork Cactus for recommending Essence.

I best get back to my assignment, but I'm really looking forward to dusting the blog off when I'm done. I want to post more regularly, work on accessibility more and make a fancy header image haha. Thank goodness for uni holidays!

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