Self-care Sunday: 18.11.2012

After months of only charging sporadically, my laptop battery appears to have finally given up on charging all together. So, until I get to actually purchasing a new computer I'm stuck blogging from my phone. Which sucks because I was actually going to do some blog posts not relating to self-care this week. I may still try to do so. We'll see.

Anyway, this week my self-care included liberally applying refrigerated vitamin E aloe gel to my poor sunburnt shoulders.i usually wear sunscreen everyday, but earlier in the week I forgot and then went on a big walk with Matt. The walk was brilliant and I felt great about it. The sunburn, not so much.

I also spent a few days on the Sunshine Coast visiting family. I went op shopping with my sister Erin and it was awesome hanging out with her. She bought me a funny face shortbread from the Bli Bli Bakery and although they aren't exactly the same as I remember them it was so good! I picked up some summer clothes at the op shops. I might make a separate post about that during the week though.

Two chocolate "funny face" shortbread biscuits with multicolour sprinkles for hair and Smarties for eyes and mouths.

Oh, and last night we got another visit from neighbour Nick. He was waiting at the bottom of our stairs when we got home. I think he just wanted somewhere dry to ride out the storms Brisbane has been getting. Either way I got fat kitty cuddles!

Photo of Nick the cat laying next to me on our ugly floral couch. I am partially out of shot.

[Edited to add: My battery hasn't given up after all! I just forgot that I unplugged the charger during the storms we've been having haha.]

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