Crafted: embroidered felt Christmas garland

No Self-care Sunday post yesterday because I spent the day cleaning. Matt and I decided we want to get the house super clean and tidy before new years so we can really have a nice fresh start. So I've been wiping down window sills and skirting boards, dusting shelves, throwing out accumulated junk and attacking a backlog of dishes from last week when my back was flaring up. And during my breaks from cleaning I finished putting together my embroidered felt Christmas garland that I've been working on.

Photo of my embroidered felt Christmas garland hanging above my window from a curtainless curtain rod.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. I couldn't really be bothered putting the tree up this year, but I still wanted something 'festive'. I kind of want to make something similar and non-Christmasy to hang there all year round since we don't have curtains on that window. Perhaps some fabric bunting or something.

Photo of the window from a wider view. On the sill is a vase with hot pink fabric flowers, a white ceramic owl, a framed photo, a pin-up girl cigarette tin and a Christmas card.

I think next year I'll try my hand at salt dough ornaments and I'm definitely making my own wrapping paper once I use up the last of the gigantic rolls I bought two years ago. There are some beautiful examples of hand-stamped wrapping paper and other alternatives to store bought versions getting around the internet at the moment - some of which you can check out on my 'holidays + celebrations' Pinterest board.

Close up photo of my embroidered felt garland: red, yellow and green felt 'baubles' embroidered with various designs and strung on a piece of cotton string.

If I get myself organised enough I'd love to do a completely handmade Christmas next year - gifts and all!

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